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"Don't talk to anyone until you read this or call Berry... It almost cost me."

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Berry Cooper has handled a wide range of product liability litigation with cases ranging from unreasonably dangerous cigarette lighters to improperly designed motor vehicles. Berry has handled defective child seat cases as well as other child  products such as cribs and strollers.


Berry has also litigated product liability cases on a mass tort/class action basis, including many pharmaceuticals such as Fen-Phen, Vioxx and medical devices such as transvaginal mesh implants.


Over the last 28 years, Berry has been involved in settlements for thousand of injured people just like you. These settlements resulted in manufacturers paying injured people tens of millions of dollars.


Some of Berry's results in products liability cases are:

  • Persons injured by the diet drug Fen-Phen were paid over $30 Million Dollars.

  • Persons injured by defective cardiac devices were paid over $3 Million Dollars.

  • Man burned by exploding gasoline tanker settled for over $10 Million Dollars.


  • Child suffering from brain injury when a child seat failed, family settled for over $4 Million Dollars.


How We Work

We get paid only if we win a client’s case in court or settle it. Our clients pay no attorneys fees unless they recover. Court costs, legal expenses, medical bills are paid from a client’s share of the recovery. If no recovery, clients are not responsible for any court costs or legal expenses, except unpaid medical bills.  We offer a free legal consultation.


















Since 1988, Berry Cooper has exclusively represented thousands of injured people. Representing injured people just like you are the only cases he is involved with. His wealth of knowledge in this area allows Berry to provide valuable assistance and insight that other attorneys may miss.


Some of Berry's results in motor vehicle injuries are:

  •  Family involved in 18 wheeler accident that killed one child and injured two, settled for over $5 Million Dollars.

  • Family of a 75-year-old man killed when his truck was rear-ended by 18 wheeler was awarded over $1.5 Million Dollars.

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We trust doctors and medical personnel with our lives and well-being. Unfortunately, some encounters with these trusted professionals end in tragedy.


If you or a loved one suffer a serious injury or death as the result of medical error, reach out today to Berry Cooper. He is an experienced, Memphis-based attorney.


Some of Berry's results in medical malpractice cases are:

  • The family of a child brain damaged during birth settled for $5 Million.

  • The family of a child disabled at birth due to medical error settled for $6 Million.

  • The family of a man improperly monitored by nurses settled for over $3 Million.