Want to Win Your Lawsuit? Here's How...

Have you ever wondered... "Do I have a lawsuit?" Many people that have been victimized let it go. They know they've been hurt, but the court process seems complicated and too much trouble. I'm here to help!

Here are a few tips:

Don't give a recorded statement to an insurance company. Find a personal injury attorney that's both trustworthy and good.

The personal injury attorney you consult can make or break your case. You see, insurance companies are trained to pay you as little as possible, and many attorney's have the reputation of being a pushover. These "settlement mill" operations handle too many cases to give anyone good representation and are known to settle instead of being tough. Don't let an insurance company pay you pennies on the dollar for what your injuries are worth.

Ask these questions...

Do you have experience handling cases like my situation?

How many years have you been practicing personal injury law?

How often do you take cases to trial (while most case settle, you want a lawyer that's not afraid to go to trial if it leads to a larger recovery.

How much trial experience do you have?

Will you be represented by a experienced lawyer or an inexperienced associate?

Will I have your cell phone number? You want to be able to talk to your lawyer.

How often will I receive updates on my case?

I have over 28 years experience in personal injury law. I'll personally represent you. I have a reputation of fighting for the rights of my clients and the insurance companies and their lawyers know it. You don't deserve anything less! Call me before you speak to anyone about your case.

My Direct Line: 901-654-5528

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